Launch date: 15 April 1957 Loto

Short description:

  • number LOTO lottery 6 out of 49;
  • drawing of winning numbers of 1st and 2nd draw is conducted twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday (until 27th week in 1999 on Sunday only);
  • six numbers are drawn from a set of individual numbers in the range of 1 - 49, as well as a further bonus number;
  • gross wagers are composed of a multiple of accepted bets and a price for one bet;
  • a price for a wager of one bet on both 1st and 2nd draws (double bet) is 0,70 EUR;
  • a prize pool is 50% of the gross wagers of a given game for particular betting period, it is divided by equal ratio for prize pool of 1st and 2nd draw;
  • a prize pool is divided into a winning sums for particular winning categories as follows (since 32nd week of 2000):

of matches
of prize pool
Bonus 6+*****6 6 % of prize pool for both draws
I. 6 26%
II. 5 + 1 6%
III. 5 9%
IV. 4 13%
V. 3 40%

  • Jackpot – shifting of accumulated funds, allocated for the 1st wining category into the betting period when the prize in 1st wining category is reached. Since January 1st, 2009 Jackpot is guaranteed in minimum amount of 300,000 Euros;
  • since October 1st, 2002 the name of the lottery changed from ŠPORTKA into LOTO;
  • since 2003 a premium game relating to last wining number of JOKER was introduced;
  • since November 2004 accepting bets via Internet;
  • playing via SMS since June or November 2009;
  •  since May 2013 new winning category Bonus, which is common for both draws.  SUPERJACKPOT is the amount of Bonus plus amount of higher Jackpot.

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