Internet games

Short description of games:

  • Internet (gambling) games are operated exclusively via Internet network and only on the official web site;
  • to play Internet games a player must be registered and consequently the operator creates the player´s account on the registration and payment portal where from he pays for wagers into Internet games and where he is paid out his prizes;
  • transfer of financial means from a player´s account into his personal bank account is done by a player through standard commercial banks;
  • types and kinds of internet games:
    • a) Internet game TIPKURZ.SK
    • b) At the gaming portal TIPKURZ.SK, players can choose from a wide offer of sports and competitions, “TOP-TIP” - the best rate for every day, rate advantage in the case of higher number of matches, guarantee of quick payout of winnings, as well as other advantages. In the TIPKURZ.SK gambling room, you find tabular statistics, livescore, results, live betting and useful links.
    • b) Internet games TIPCLUB
    • c) Internet games e-CASINO
    • internet roulette
    • internet multiroulette
    • internet blackjack
    • internet poker
    • internet multipoker
    • online slot machines
    • internet game e-Texas Hold‘em Poker
    • d) Internet games e-ŽREBY
    • e) Internet game e-BINGO

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